Sundrop Jewelry Press
February 01 2017

Scorpio Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Combine the Sun's power with your Scorpio's ruling element, water, by gifting them a cool blue piece of jewelry (or any color), hand crafted by melting recycled glass in the Sun.

Gift Shop Magazine
January 02 2017

Green Retailer: Fair Trade for the Gift Trade

The beauty blues.

Bracelet of recycled glass and sterling silver, by Sundrop Jewelry

Artsy Shark
December 13 2016

How Artists Earn: Wholesale and Online Retail

There are a lot of ways to make a living from your art these days: online retail, in-person events, consignment and galleries, old-fashioned word-of-mouth, and of course, wholesale... 

Wholesale and online retail are great complements for each other. We all dread the “slow season,” but the two together help smooth out fluctuations in both income and degree of busyness throughout the year. Wholesale seasons are usually offset from the standard retail seasons – shops are ordering for Christmas in August and September, and for Spring at the January/February trade shows.


Chicago Woman
December 02 2016

Gift Guide 2016: For the Environmentalist

We all have one of her in our group of friends; the person who is sweet and thoughtful, likely a vegan and very conscious about the environment. With her in mind, these gift ideas are sure to please even the biggest environmentalist.

Sundrop Jewelry creates beautiful necklaces and earrings that are handmade and delicate, with colors to flatter every woman. The pieces starts at $40 and each piece is unique and made with sun-melted glass from recycled liquor bottles and stained glass and set in recycled sterling silver. The best part? Their light weight makes them perfect for all-day wear.

Gift Shop Magazine
October 24 2016

Green Retailer: Natural Materials for Home and Person

Simple elements are cleanly presented in these fetching finds.

Red glass and sterling silver geometric earrings and necklace set, by Sundrop Jewelry.

Giftware News
October 04 2016

America's Creatives: Sundrop Jewelry

Giftware News serves retail outlets selling giftware, stationary, party and paper, tabletop and decorative accessories.

"Tawny Reynolds, founder and designer of Sundrop Jewelry, creates elegant, sun-melted glass jewelry for a sustainable lifestyle.  Using a 3-foot magnifying glass to focus sunshine, she melts glass bottles and stained glass into flowing droplets set in recycled sterling silver.  The eco-friendly collection ranges from dainty minimalist earrings to big and bold artisan jewelry that always retains a vibrant thread of casual elegance."  Read more in the Aug/Sep issue of Giftware News.

Pacific Flair
October 01 2016

Interview with Tawny Reynolds Designer of Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Ever heard of eco-friendly jewelry? It is jewelry made from recycled materials and a little sunshine. You ask, how is that possible? We will fill you in as we share our interview with Tawny Reynolds who is the owner of Sundrop Jewelry which is located in Berkeley, California. Tawny explains everything from the jewelry making process to her newest collection.

Tell us more about your jewelry line?

“Sundrop Jewelry is vibrant and elegant, with glass earrings, pendant necklaces, and more, all made from sun-melted glass. I take recycled bottles and stained glass, and melt them using sunshine and a giant magnifying glass into flowing droplets. Finished with recycled sterling silver, Sundrop Jewelry is designed for women who love color and the Earth.”

Credit Donkey
September 26 2016

Best Jewelry Blogs 2016

Since smart buying is one of our favorite topics, CreditDonkey, a credit card comparison and financial education site for young adults, set out to narrow the list of jewelry blogs. A countless number of bloggers out there cover this space—including jewelers and artists—and we wanted to highlight only the very best blogs about jewelry.

Sundrop Jewelry specializes in handcrafted, eco-friendly designs, and their blog features DIY tips, their own designs, and more.

Why Sundrop Jewelry is a Top Jewelry Blog: Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry makes her pieces by hand from recycled glass, making this blog a great stop for anyone looking for environmentally-friendly, artisan-crafted jewelry.

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MASSAGE Magazine
July 28 2016

Featured Product of the Week

MASSAGE Magazine‘s Marketplace features the products, tools and services massage therapists need in order to provide the best sessions possible while growing their practices. Beyond purchasing products for a massage practice, offering retail products for client care between sessions will benefit both client outcomes and business success.

Eco-friendly jewelry handmade from recycled bottles, stained glass, and recycled sterling silver. Glass bottles and stained glass are melted using sunshine and a giant magnifying glass.

Consumer Queen
July 18 2016

2016 Spring/Summer Gift Guide

Oklahoma's Coupon Queen: Consumer Queen is no longer just a money saving website but now offers green living, natural and organic topics, recipes, DIY, entertainment and most of all my favorite part….. TRAVEL.  I am now looking for healthier options for my family and we have decided to travel as much as possible now while we can. Our fans enjoy following along our adventures as we give tips on the best places to visit.

OOAK Artisan Showcase
November 19 2015

"Sunshine in a drop of glass" with Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry

I had reached out to Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry to ask if she would share with us her creative process. I am happy to report that SHE DID!  

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Arts Business Institute
October 23 2015

Artist Profile: Tawny Reynolds

Designer Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry talks about her unusual process, and building success.

...I’ve never met someone who, on hearing how my jewelry is made, didn’t say, “What?!  You’re kidding!” I think the story appeals to the inner science geek in us all. Who can resist a chance to tell their friends, “Oh, these new earrings?  They’re made from Skyy Vodka bottles melted with sunshine and a giant magnifying glass!”...

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Modern Mouse
May 31 2015

Artist Profile: Sundrop Jewelry

... Believe it or not, Tawny makes her glass droplet jewelry by means of gravity, glass and the sun! Instead of the usual blown-glass forming methods, she uses a huge magnifying glass...

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Work Your Art
January 23 2015

A conversation with Tawny Reynolds from California, USA

...I currently live in sunny Berkeley, California. Which is a better location for my particular art than other places I’ve been, such as Seattle, Alaska, or Minnesota! Q: "What is it that you do? How would you describe your work?" A: I make sun-melted glass jewelry. I use a giant magnifying glass to focus sunshine; it reaches temperatures up to 3000 F (1650 C), which I use to melt recycled bottles and stained glass...

SF Bay Area Etsy Street Team Blog
December 12 2014

Friday Feature ~ Sundrop Jewelry

It's that time of the week again for another Friday Feature. This time we are featuring Sundrop Jewelry. Tawny Reynolds crafts some beautiful jewelry with molten glass and silver wire...

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Celebrate Green Blog
August 09 2011

3 Question Interview with Tawny of Sundrop Jewelry

It isn't often that you run into someone who has either invented or brought to light a very different process for making something. That's why we were excited when we first read about Sundrop Jewelry. This company offers gorgeous earrings, necklaces and ...  

Low-Tech Magazine
July 01 2011

The bright future of solar thermal powered factories

...High temperature solar furnaces can be low-tech autonomous systems, too. One example is the large magnifying glass used by Sundrop Jewelry, which reaches high enough temperatures to melt coloured bottle glass into handcrafted jewelry...

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Natural Living for Women
June 06 2011

The Beauty of Recycled Glass Beads

... Also check out the Recycled Style Boutique for beautiful jewelry made from formed recycled glass. Jewelry here made by Sundrop Jewelry which heats recycled glass until glass liquifies and then droplets of glass are allowed to cool.

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The Science Wondershop
December 15 2010

Give The Gift of Wonder: Sundrop Jewelry

Today's gift idea is for the man who has everything BUT a gift for that special woman in his life. You know who you are. This year, let's avoid the last minute sprint to the mall to grab the $10 bottle of perfume...  

The Wedding Ring Blog
August 01 2010

Sundrop Jewelry designs - interesting and fun jewelry to wear!

Here's something that is not exactly related to wedding rings, but pretty interesting any way! Here are some Sundrop Jewelry designs. Sundrop Jewelry designs are colorful and fun, and I really like the blue earrings.

Glue and Glitter
March 08 2010

Sundrop Jewelry: Lovely Recycled Glass and Sustainable Practices

Shaun and Tawny Reynolds' company Sundrop Jewelry uses passive solar power to create gorgeous recycled glass jewelry! They're super-transparant about their materials and sourcing over on their blog, which makes me love them even more!

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Green LA Girl
March 04 2010

Sundrop Jewelry: Green jewelry designed using solar power and gravity

Already a fan of recycled glass jewelry? How about sun-and-gravity designed glass jewelry? Harnessing those natural forces is what a cute Minneapolis company called Sundrop Jewelry is doing to delight science geeks and eco-fashionistas alike.

Carleton Weekly
February 01 2010

Sundrop Jewelry - Made by Alums

The Carleton Bookstore is pleased to be carrying a new and unique style of jewelry - all created by three Carleton alums.

New York Times
December 30 2009

Broadband, Yes. Toilet, No.

On a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico during spring break, Bretwood Higman and Erin McKittrick found themselves on a beach, holding a battered tourist map. Sick of the collegiate shenanigans around them, Mr. Higman suggested they ditch the bars, take the map and walk the 30 miles of shoreline to the next town.

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