Here you can browse all the styles of our sun-melted glass jewelry. Looking for a different color? Click on any design to see more colors in that style, or browse by color.

Sonata Collection

Sonata, noun. A composition for an instrumental soloist.

The elegant simplicity of our sun-melted glass droplets shines alone in this collection. Nothing distracts from the flowing feminine shape and vibrant colors in this collection.

Bohemian Collection

A delicate spiral of silver wraps around these vibrant sun-melted glass drops, bringing some carefree, bohemian style into your life!

Contour Collection

Circular Motion Collection Collection

Sun-melted glass pairs with dynamic circles of recycled silver and upcycled glass in the newest collection.  Bold circles of sterling silver and glass rings cut from bottle necks are set off by sparkling pops of color, all swinging freely for a lively look.

Liana Collection

Do you love dramatic dangles?  Then you'll adore the new Liana Collection, ranging from dainty minimalism to enchanting blossoms of dangling glass and silver.  Lightweight and dramatic, this collection of dangling jewelry was inspired by (and named after) twining vines and clusters of trailing flowers.

Other Items

And a few other items...