Eco friendly jewelry by Tawny Reynolds

Tawny Reynolds, owner of eco friendly jewelry company Sundrop Jewelry
Do you love the vibrant, glowing colors of sunlight shining through a stained glass window?

The simple elegance and serenity of a raindrop?

Or does the geeky 10-year-old kid inside you just love the idea of melting glass bottles at 3000 degrees with a giant magnifying glass?

I’m Tawny Reynolds, and I design elegant, sun-melted glass jewelry for women who love color and the Earth.

The eco friendly jewelry of Sundrop Jewelry ranges from a dainty minimalist earring to big & bold artisan jewelry, but always retaining that vibrant thread of casual elegance with an eco friendly twist. Using a giant three-foot magnifying glass to focus sunshine, recycled bottles and stained glass are melted into flowing droplets, set in recycled sterling silver.

Get the recipe >>Make your silver sparkle again with 5 minutes work! DIY the easy non-toxic way that makes your jewelry like new again!

Our core value is living lightly on the Earth.  Sundrop Jewelry is just one example of the amazing things that can be done with less...
Eriantha Earrings, eco friendly jewelry made by Tawny Reynolds from recycled glass bottles and recycled sterling silver
    less trash from the glass bottles we melt down & repurpose,
    less toxic waste spewed into the environment by mining,
    less deforestation and wastewater used for making paper,
    and less emissions from the electricity we avoid using.

Best of all, all that 'less' somehow adds up to 'more'...
    more forests and wilderness,
    more clean air and water,
    more beauty in the world...

And it’s a great story when someone asks, "Where did you get that necklace?"

Tawny Reynolds, designer of eco friendly jewelry company Sundrop Jewelry

Watch how quickly sunshine can melt glass! (With the help of a giant magnifying glass.)

What people are saying about Sundrop Jewelry...
Thank you Sundrop for the beautiful earrings! I always get compliments when I wear them and then I have fun telling them how they're made! Awesome…
- Blaze

These are gifts for my bridesmaids, we all love that they are recycled! Thank you for offering such a great product!
- Kelly Schumann

Excitement does not begin to describe how I felt when I saw my earrings!!!!!  ...They are perfect with what I am wearing.  "Sally Size", but so light.  I LOVE IT!!
- Sally Gollehon

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