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What to wear to a casual summer wedding
June 21 2017

We are truly into wedding season now!  How many weddings do you have on your calendar this summer?Whether you're searching for an entire new outfit or just a little something to freshen up an old favorite, here are six of my favorite pieces to mix 'n match for a casual summer wedding. 1/ Aurora Necklace in Morning Glory   2/ Kite Earrings in Magenta   3/ Duet Earrings in Swinging Blues   4/ Celia Bracelet in Turquoise   5/ Demi Necklace in Morning Glory   6/ Lanata Earrings in MagentaWhether you're dressing up for a fun night out (bachelorette party, anyone?) or...

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Oval Obsession
June 12 2017

You could rightly say I'm obsessed with the way these sparkling silver ovals frame tiny teardrops of sun-melted glass. These earrings are some of my best sellers - not too big and not too small - and I adore this new magenta color!And if pink isn't your thing, these Cameo Earrings come in a whole rainbow of other colors as well! Find your favorite color in the online shop. Shop Now >>

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Two-tone teardrop jewelry
June 05 2017

I know I'm not supposed to play favorites... but if I really had to pick, this two-tone magenta and turquoise blue is my favorite of the new colors! Because the colors are side by side, depending on which direction you're looking from the color looks different - two separate colors, or overlapping to make a whole new color! Hop over to the online shop and add twice the color to your summer outfits! Shop Now >>

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June gemstone: alexandrite meaning and fun facts
June 05 2017

The June birthstone, alexandrite is a recently discovered gem, first found at a Russian emerald mine two weeks after Tsar Alexander II ascended the throne in 1831.  (You can see where they got the name.) Under sunlight, alexandrite looks blue-green, while it shows reddish-purple under artificial light!  The original Russian miners thought they had brought emeralds out of the mine, but looking at them in the fire light that evening they looked red!  The next morning, under sunlight, they again appeared green. Tiffany’s legendary gem buyer, George Kunz, fell in love with alexandrite and traveled to Russia in search of...

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Introducing new summer colors!
June 01 2017

They're here!  The newest, vibrant colors of sun-melted glass jewelry are now available in the online shop! From sparkling lavender, to vivid magenta, to the striking two-tone morning glory - they're now all available in numerous designs... Which one is your favorite? Shop Now >>

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Making magenta - vibrant pink glass jewelry
May 26 2017

After years of searching for a pink that pops, I have totally fallen in love with this vibrant magenta glass!Now in the shop (along with two more brand new colors for summer!). And, for a peek at how these elegant teardrops are formed, using just sunshine and gravity, watch the video below...

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Coming soon: wisteria for your wardrobe
May 26 2017

These lavender colored glass earrings were inspired by trailing wisteria flowers - and I finally found the perfect color of glass for them!

These and more will be arriving in my online shop next week - quantities are super limited, so join the mailing list to shop ahead of the crowd!

Update: They're here!  Find these earrings, or shop all lavender jewelry!

Long dangle earrings for an elegant Gemini
May 23 2017

If your birthday falls between May 21st and June 21st - first, happy birthday! And second, congratulations - you're a Gemini!Whether you're an actual twin or an astrological one (or if you just like long danglies!), I think you'll love these sparkling Gemini Earrings! These silver spirals will bring a breath of bohemian flair to your day - find your favorite color in my online shop. Shop Now >>

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Turquoise blue glass jewelry fit for a mermaid
May 22 2017

These gorgeous turquoise blue sun-melted* glass earrings (made from this stained glass from Bullseye Glass) are just the thing for a day at the beach - or to remind you of your favorite beach when it's far away!  Pair with a floaty turquoise colored cover-up if you're beach bound for the weekend, or add a pop of turquoise blue to your favorite date night outfit!   Wherever you go, I've been reliably informed that they are exactly what a mermaid would wear! Shop more turquoise colored jewelry   * Wondering about the "sun-melted" part of Sundrop Jewelry?  I have a giant magnifying...

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Featured Shop: Talisman Collection
May 08 2017

This week's featured shop is Talisman Collection in El Dorado Hills, California - a full-service fine jewelry store, including custom jewelry, repairs and appraising.  They carry over 65 couture designer jewelry brands, and I'm super excited to have Sundrop Jewelry join them!   Best of all, I will be doing a trunk show at Talisman Collection this weekend in conjunction with the El Dorado Hills Art, Wine and Beer Festival!  Take a trip out West of Sacramento this weekend to sample some wonderful wines and craft beers, enjoy the amazing art - and, of course - stop into the shop and...

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May gemstone: emerald meanings and fun facts
May 03 2017

Another month, and it's time for yet another birthstone color - and the May gemstone's emerald green is perfect for the Spring season!   Emerald Fun Facts Ranging from light to deep green, emeralds always have natural inclusions - any without are almost certainly artificial. Emerald was the gem of both Venus and Aphrodite, embodying beauty and fertility in ancient Greece and Rome.  Emeralds are also said to guard their wearers from panic. Mughal Emperors carved verses of the Koran into the gemstones, creating a strong link between emeralds and divinity. Cleopatra's Emerald Mine Egypt has had a long fascination...

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Featured Shop: Thyme on the Boardwalk
May 01 2017

This week's featured shop is Thyme on the Boardwalk in Seldovia - the little Alaskan town where Sundrop Jewelry was first conceived!  Why did you start your shop? My name is Suzie, and I’m a gardener.  I have been involved in community gardening for the past 40 years.  When my husband retired in Anchorage, we chose Seldovia to build our retirement home and I got a wild hair to open a commercial nursery and garden center so I would have everything I needed to continue gardening in this remote coastal village. What types of products do you carry? When I opened...

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Mother's Day Sale today only - 30% off all eco-friendly glass jewelry
April 27 2017

Are you ready for 30% off everything at my online shop?  Guess what?  The sale is on! No code necessary, everything in the online shop is 30% off!Whether you're looking for gifts or something for yourself (spring and summer provide plenty of excuses to go all-out!), you’ll find just what you need in the shop.  From minimalist to lavish, these glowing colors of sun-melted glass will bring summer early this year! Can’t decide which is your favorite?  Why not buy more than one?

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Get ready to stock up on gifts...
April 24 2017

Get ready to stock up on gifts - for yourself and everyone else on your list!   Sure, this is officially a Mother’s Day Sale.  But take a look at your calendar for this summer - any upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc?  Plan your gift-giving ahead of time!  Each piece of Sundrop Jewelry comes in a classic white jewelry box tied with a ribbon, ready to give.  Once you've gotten it figured out, go ahead and add pieces to your cart - when the sale is on you'll be all ready to check out! Or, forget about all that work and planning....

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Eco-friendly glass jewelry Mother's Day Sale is next week!
April 19 2017

In just one week, I’ll be holding my annual Mother’s Day Sale.  Everything in my online shop will be 30% off!    One day only, the sale will be held Thursday, April 27th.  (*Psst!*  Mailing list members get to start shopping ahead of the crowd, the night before.  Join now so you don't miss out!)Do you know a mother who would just love to receive a special piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day?  Whether she is your own mom, your mother-in-law, daughter, niece, or simply a friend who’s been like a mother to you and yours.  Show your love and appreciation...

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Recycled bottle jewelry - Amp up your recycled style for Earth Day!
April 10 2017

One of the most frequently asked questions about my eco friendly jewelry is, “Is this recycled bottle jewelry?”  As with so many things, the answer is “It depends.”  In this case, it depends on the color of the glass.  All the glass I use in making my eco friendly jewelry is already colored.  Glass bottles come in a fairly limited range of colors - mostly blues, greens, and browns - and I love using these to make my recycled bottle jewelry.  But, you won’t find many pink glass bottles in your recycling bin (and if you do find one, the color is just...

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Last chance to shop the retiring colors and designs!
April 03 2017

Out with the old to make room for the new...I’m retiring a number of colors and designs to make room for some new ones I’ve been working on, and Thursday, April 6th will be the last day to shop these classic pieces! Hop on over to my online shop and get them before they’re gone! Shop Now >> Along with 10 colors, I'm also retiring a couple long-time designs, including the Triptych Necklace (and also the set) below.  If you've had your eye on one, this is your last chance to grab it!

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April birthstone: diamond fun facts
March 29 2017

A new month, and time for some fun facts about the April birthstone - diamond!  We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you may not know some of these Diamond Fun Facts: The largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered was the Cullinan diamond in 1905 in South Africa.  After cutting and polishing, the two largest pieces were 530 carats and 317 carats.  Both are part of the British crown jewels. Cullinan diamond pieces in the rough The first known diamond engagement ring was from 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to his fiancee.  However, diamond...

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Out with the old to make room for the new!
March 24 2017

I heard about the snowstorms in so much of the country last week, but here in my neck of the woods it was warm and sunny.  I’m not saying this to brag - I think you’ll be happy too when you hear what you’ll be getting out of that California sunshine… new colors!!  I’ve had some glass sitting around all winter that I have been so excited to test out - and they turned out absolutely gorgeous!  But before I release the new colors, I’ve decided to retire ten colors and a few designs from my collection. I always have the hardest time cutting any color (or...

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The making of rain jewelry from sunshine and recycled bottles
March 08 2017

One of Sundrop Jewelry’s most popular colors is “Water.” Not only is it a gorgeous color in its own right - the pale blue teardrops look just like little drops of rain jewelry - it is also the perfect color for the March birthstone, aquamarine.  Best of all, these pale blue translucent glass drops are made from recycled Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles!Take a look behind the scenes at this elegant rain jewelry in each stage of the process.   Long strips of glass are cut from this big square bottle that once held Bombay Sapphire Gin. Using a giant magnifying glass to focus sunshine, the strips are...

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March gemstone - aquamarine fun facts
March 01 2017

Happy birthday to me!  (Well, not quite yet - I still have to wait a couple more weeks. :) ) I love the color of my March gemstone, pale blue aquamarine.  But I'd never dug a bit deeper until now - so here come the fun facts! March gemstone - aquamarine fun facts Aquamarine ranges in color from deep blue to blue-green of varying shades.  It was named by the Romans from the words “aqua” and “marine", as it looked like sea water. (No wonder I named my own aquamarine glass color “Water”!) Ever since associated with the sea, aquamarine was a...

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Featured Shop: The Marine Mammal Center
February 22 2017

This week's featured shop is The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California. The mission of the Marine Mammal Center is to advance global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education. The Marine Mammal Center is free and open to the public every day of the year except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. This time of year (February to May) is pupping season, and The Marine Mammal Center has northern elephant seals and California sea lion pups!   What do your customers love? Our customers love to find unique products that they’re not likely to...

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Lightweight silver hoop earrings
February 15 2017

Heavy earrings give me a headache.  So, I always make sure to keep Sundrop Jewelry light - like the lightweight silver hoop earrings from the new Circular Motion Collection! Back before I started making Sundrop Jewelry (I can't believe it's been 13 years!) I often couldn’t wear earrings for a whole day.  Maybe my ears were extra-sensitive or something, but the weight of the earrings made the holes hurt before the end.  And I wasn’t even wearing earrings that were particularly big or heavy, especially compared to some out there!   These lightweight silver hoop earrings won’t get you down....

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Handmade earrings - how many glass teardrops to find a pair?
February 08 2017

How many glass teardrops do you think it takes to find a pair of handmade earrings?

The answer - it all depends.  The percentage of my glass teardrops that make good pairs for handmade earrings depends a lot on the number of teardrops I start with - the more glass teardrops I have, the better chance that they will match up.