Silver Necklace Chains are Back!

Silver Necklace Chains are Back!

by Tawny Reynolds on May 23, 2011

Silver necklace chains

I am happy to report that we have brought back our sterling silver chains for Sundrop Jewelry’s necklaces and pendants!

Pendant necklaces now come on a delicate 18″ sterling silver flat cable chain, while our more elaborate Three-Sundrop Necklaces hang from a spiraling 18″ sterling silver double rope chain.

Environmental Impact

From an aesthetic perspective I am delighted we have returned to silver chains for our necklaces. However, I am somewhat ambivalent about the idea for other reasons.

From an environmental perspective, silver chains are the worst offending components of Sundrop Jewelry – by a country mile. In an effort to reduce our jewelry’s environmental footprint (and keep our prices down as silver costs first rose, then skyrocketed) we tried switching to silver-colored Beadalon® cable and then later to black waxed cotton cords. Unfortunately, neither of them could truly replace the silver chains, either aesthetically or functionally. Both types of cord really need a heavier pendant to weight them down and allow the necklaces to hang properly – Sundrops are just a little too lightweight. We kept prices down, but at the expense of quality.

In life there are never any perfect solutions. All we can do is try to keep balancing each side of our “beautiful, high-quality, environmentally-friendly jewelry” equation as best we can.
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