Green Hosting

Green Hosting

by Tawny Reynolds on Nov 17, 2011

green website hosting with dreamhost
Are We Green?

I am ashamed to admit that until recently I had not given any consideration to the energy used by our website. In all our research into reducing our ecological footprint, I hadn’t even thought to look into it!

However, that changed when I received an email recently in response to our blog posts researching the impact of our jewelry:
“Have you looked into the environmental impact of your website? I have been looking at mine and was shocked to find out how much energy servers use. I have come across some hosting companies in the US that are 100% solar powered which is impressive.”
How could we have missed that one?!

Not Solar-Powered, but Carbon-Neutral
Lucky us, it turns out that Dreamhost, the company who hosts our website, webstore, and blog has already gone carbon-neutral. In fact, it’s been that way since April 30th, 2007!

Although it isn’t currently feasible for Dreamhost to directly power its servers and other energy use with solar or wind, they have worked to reduce energy use and increase efficiency of their computer servers and around the office. In addition, they fully offset all the company’s energy use (including that used to power by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits. Renewable Energy Credits are certified by a third party to ensure that they are legitimate.

Yes, We Are
So yes, our website is carbon neutral, although purely by chance. Our special thanks to Dreamhost for catching what we let slip through the cracks.
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