What can you do with a giant magnifying glass? Melt glass into gorgeous handmade glass drop jewelry!

by Tawny Reynolds || May 05 2016
Handmade glass drop melted with a giant magnifying glass by Sundrop Jewelry
I'm curious, what first drew you to Sundrop Jewelry?  Do you love the vibrant, glowing colors of sunlight shining through a stained glass window? The simple elegance and serenity of a raindrop? Or does the geeky 10-year-old kid inside of you just love the idea of melting glass bottles at 3000 degrees with a giant magnifying glass?  (If it's the last one, take a look down below!)

Comment to let me know - I'm in the midst of a huge burst of design inspiration, and need some help narrowing my direction!
Tawny Reynolds, designer of Sundrop JewelryI’m Tawny Reynolds, and I design elegant, sun-melted glass jewelry for your sustainable lifestyle.

(I just updated my profile picture. My previous picture was taken years ago, and - *gasp* - I wasn't even wearing any of my jewelry!! 

In case you're wondering, I'm wearing the Eriantha Earrings in turquoise from my new collection - check out all the colors in my shop now.)
Sundrop Jewelry ranges from dainty minimalism to big and bold, but always retains that vibrant thread of casual elegance with an eco friendly twist. Which is your favorite style - casual minimalist, bohemian dangles, or do you love to make a big, bold statement?  

Please comment - I'd love to hear what attracts you to Sundrop Jewelry!  And, for that geeky kid inside you... here's a glimpse at how fast glass can melt in the sun.