Customer Stories Series: Sally Gollehon

Customer Stories Series: Sally Gollehon

by Tawny Reynolds on Jun 09, 2016

Sundrop Jewelry customer story: Sally's favorite big earrings

This week I've got something a bit different to share with you.  We wouldn't be here at all without you and other people who love Sundrop Jewelry, and I want let you meet each other!  So, periodically I'll be sharing your customer stories here (let me know if you'd like to share your own story!), and to kick off the series I'd like to welcome Sally Gollehon...



Custom Jewelry Design: Sally Gollehon's customer storyWho are you and where do you live?
My name is Sally and I live in Hemet, California.

What are you up to these days?
I have been retired for 10 years after 38 years with the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department.  I am a "homebody", however, I like to go on one-day bus trips two to three times a month with a local tour agency.

In addition to the fascinating places I've visited, I've met some very interesting people on the bus.  I was a tour escort on bus trips off and on for years - I'd research and give a presentation on the bus regarding our destination.

This Thursday I am going to be presenting again - for tours of the Gamble house (of Proctor & Gamble Co.) and the Wrigley mansion (Wrigley chewing gum).  I really enjoy getting up in front of people, whether it is to give a report, a presentation, or whatever.


What inspires you?
People inspire me to continue to do better regarding taking care of myself.  I live in an Adult Community, and I see the health issues that other people have, and the restrictions that go with those health issues.  I am very fortunate at 70 years old to have excellent health.  Health is everything!!! 

Bold or Minimalist?
I would say I'm a combination. fashion style including accessories, AND especially my earrings.  Quite large when I go out, and small when cleaning the house.  (So "thank you Tawny" for my custom made quite large earrings!!) MINIMALIST...............some life style issues, however I can be BOLD depending on how it impacts me and those close to me. 

How did you discover Sundrop Jewelry?
I discovered Sundrop jewelry when I was on one of my bus trips.  I bought my first pair of Sundrop earrings in the gift shop at the California Science Center.

Custom jewelry designed for Sally by Sundrop Jewelry

Do you have a favorite piece & why?
My favorite piece of jewelry are my custom made "Soda Fountain" earrings.  I like big, as well as small earrings, and I came up with an idea for some big soda fountain earrings.  Tawny was more than happy to create my idea.  They are droplets from a Reed's Ginger Ale bottle and a Coca Cola bottle.  People are fascinated when I tell them how they are made, and by the use of recycled materials.




How would you define your personal style?
My personal style depends on my mood for the day. I can go from flashy, to dramatic, to simple, and that is why my Sundrop earrings are so great, because they accommodate my many moods, my outfit for one of my bus trips, or whatever I happen to be doing - even housework. I feel so elegant when I have them on doing my housework or out in the yard. I know..........weird. It just makes the work easier to do knowing I have such beautiful earrings on.



What helps you feel on top of the world?
I feel on top of the world when I feel good, and I have done some nice things for people. I love getting things for myself; however, I enjoy giving to others more. I love to see the joy on their faces when I have surprised them by doing something, or giving them a gift. I was in the customer service business for 43 years, because I love people. Never a routine day, and I've learned so much over the years as the result of the interaction with others. Also, I love to continue to educate myself on new things. I enjoy challenges. Keeps me mentally and physically stimulated.



Thanks so much for sharing your story, Sally!

Want to share your story?  Just leave a comment below or drop me an email.

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