Publicity? Neat!

by Erin McKittrick on Dec 14, 2007

So about a month ago I start getting a bunch of email from Australia. Turns out we were mentioned in a magazine there (thanks!).

Today I got another email, we are on the front page of the ENN! Thanks again!
As a child, did you ever use a magnifying glass to barbeque ants? Sizzle flies? Burn leaves? Don't worry, we won't tell. Someone who may fall into this category has found an ingenious way to harness the sun's power to make jewelry. No, not using the latest thin-film solar innovation. No, they've what appears to be a giant magnifying glass, capable of melting glass into a pliable state, suitable for making quite lovely jewelry.
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Since we are getting a lot of traffic it's time for a shameless plug: don't forget to visit our webstore!
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