Ultraviolet colored jewelry - sun-melted purple glass with a tinge of blue

Coming soon: ultraviolet-colored jewelry!

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 07, 2018

ultraviolet glass jewelry - purple with a blush of blue

While I'm still excited to keep working on more new bronze pieces, the weather has been so warm and sunny this week that I just had to get outside and melt some more glass!

I've replenished my stock of pale Coca-Cola green and vibrant Magenta (both now back in stock!), plus I went all out with this new purple...

Ultraviolet glass jewelry, melted with sunshine!


You may recognize it - I tested it out last year before the sun went south for the winter and I loved it then.  When I heard this year's Pantone color was Ultraviolet, I just knew it had to be next!

I've been searching for a vibrant purple like this for a long time - not too dark and not too rosy.  I guarantee you'll be drawn in by hints of blue in the depths of deep royal purple.

As you can see, there are a lot more drops for pendants - the line at the bottom - than same-size drops for pairs for earrings at the top!  So be sure to get on the list if you want a chance at the earrings - I think these might go quick!

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