Earth toned recycled glass jewelry for Fall

Earth tones? Yes, please!

by Tawny Reynolds on Oct 02, 2017

Recycled glass jewelry in earth tones for Fall, made from Martinelli's bottles

Perfect for fall, earth tones are back for a limited time only!

Simple teardrop earrings made from sun-melted glass Martinelli's bottles

Because they're so perfect for fall, I just couldn't resist bringing back these fiery oranges, golden yellows, olive greens, warm browns, and stark blacks.  But they'll only be in my shop for a limited time!  Just like the changing leaves of Fall, these colors won't be around for long, so enjoy them while you can!


And if earth tones aren't your thing - what about your best friend?  Your mom?  If you know someone who'd adore these colors share this to them!  Or get your holiday shopping started early - these fall colors will disappear before Christmas!

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