Everyone loves purple ombre - glass necklaces with an ombre gradient by Sundrop Jewelry

Everyone loves ombre...

by Tawny Reynolds on Jul 10, 2023

With the addition of the two new purples to my color palette, I can now make a full gradient of purples! And it just so happens that the necklace designs I came out with last month are just begging to go ombre.

So...  today I added three new purple ombre necklaces to my online shop!

Ombre Purple Aurora Necklace by Sundrop Jewelry, an asymmetric statement necklace made from sun-melted stained glass and recycled silver

This asymmetric Purple Ombre Aurora Necklace shades from a deep dark purple beautifully set off by a spiral of sparkling silver, down through transluscent violet to pale lavender. 

The larger Borealis Necklace is a similar design but with twice as many teardrops, while the Serpens Choker coils neatly around the base of your neck.  You can even add a pair of Lyra Earrings in dark purple or violet to make your own set! 

Check out all three new necklaces - and matching earrings - in my shop now...

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