February gemstone: purple amethyst fun facts by Sundrop Jewelry

February gemstone: purple amethyst fun facts

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 01, 2017

Purple Amethyst - February gemstone / birthstone fun facts

I can hardly believe it's already February!  I still haven't gotten settled into a rhythm for the new year, but I couldn't miss the February gemstone, no matter what else is going on.

Purple amethyst is my daughter's absolute favorite color - ok, she's five. EVERY five-year-old girl's favorite color is purple, right??  Add a bit of sparkle glinting off the facets and this February gemstone is irresistible - and not just to my daughter!  :)


Fun facts about purple amethyst, the February gemstone

Amethyst always possesses a distinct violet hue, ranging from light pink to dark purple, often within the same stone.  The color of purple amethyst is sensitive to high heat, changing to red, brown, or green, and even without heating the violet color can fade over time.

Purple amethyst variation in February gemstone / birthstone

Historically, purple amethyst was associated with royalty, and placed in the same league as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.  Upon the discovery of large deposits in Brazil in the 18th Century, it is no longer considered as precious.

The use of amethyst can be traced back as far as 25,000 years ago, where it was used decoratively by prehistoric people in France, and has been found with Neolithic remains.

Following legends of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Leonardo Da Vinci extolled the February gemstone’s ability to keep one’s thoughts sharp and clear, enabling sound business decisions.  And that wearing purple amethyst keeps the wearer from getting drunk.  I haven’t tested the theory. ;p

Purple amethyst geode macro image - February gemstone birthstone

Purple amethysts are a type of quartz, the second most abundant material on Earth.  Like quartz, they are often found inside geodes.

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    I love learning fun facts about crystals! Here are some more about amethyst for anyone interested: https://cosmiccuts.com/blogs/healing-stones-blog/fascinating-amethyst-cave-facts


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