Get ready for Mardi Gras with a new colorway of sun-melted glass jewelry from Sundrop Jewelry

Getting ready for Mardi Gras!

by Tawny Reynolds on Jan 23, 2024

You've probably noticed that color is a big - ok, huge! - part of Sundrop Jewelry's aesthetic.  While translucent blues and greens are my perennial best-sellers, I always love playing with scraps of glass I come across and experimenting with limited edition colors. So, as usual, I just have to share some bright colors - this time for Mardi Gras!

Purple, gold, and green glass jewelry for Mardi Gras!

These brand new, limited edition Mardi Gras Trio Earrings and Necklaces in purple, gold, and green glass will add an elegant touch to your Carnival regalia this year.  I've got two versions, but only a couple of each, so hop over to my online shop now to take a peek at the new colors.

And don't forget, Valentine's Day is coming up, so check out my best sellers and be sure to get your Valentine's orders placed in plenty of time to arrive by the 14th! 

Or, if you're hoping to receive, don't make him guess!  Go ahead and send him the link to as a little hint... 😉 

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