Interview with Deana of Groovy Green Glass

Interview with Deana of Groovy Green Glass

by Tawny Reynolds on Oct 19, 2016

Interview with Groovy Green Glass by Sundrop Jewelry I'm partnering with Deana of Groovy Green Glass on the new jewelry collection (order yours here!).  We sat down to chat about glass, recycling and more...

Q. Tell us about yourself and your business.  What drives your creative process?

Hi!  I'm Deana.  :)  My hubby and I started Groovy Green Glass about 6 years ago after falling in love with glass bottles.   We are on a mission to keep these shiny beauties OUT of our landfills because glass never breaks down.  Never.

I have found that every bottle, even those made with the same molds, are individual and unique. I call them my snowflakes. Therefore, the bottles themselves drive the creative process. Some are perfect for wind chimes, some make excellent drinking glasses. The shape, color, graphics, and thickness all determine what each bottle will be once they have been repurposed.

Q. What makes your glass green and groovy?

Groovy Green only uses bottles that are reclaimed from local restaurants. They are 100% post consumer bottles, and they were all heading to the landfill. Our effort is to combine artistic vision with an environmentally friendly approach. By reclaiming these bottles, we are able to complete the consumerism circle so that no waste ends up in the landfill. In addition, we use as much of the bottle as we can, and every single shard of glass that is reclaimed is either used to make products or is recycled.

Q. Bold or Minimalist?
Depends on my mood, but I lean towards bold.  I love a dramatic flair!  :)

Q. What helps you feel on top of the world?
Making someone fall in love with glass bottles.  :)  Our hope is to inspire others to save and reuse glass bottles.


Thanks so much for taking time to share your beautiful work with us, Deana!

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