Eco-friendly bridal jewelry and lightweight statement earrings, featured in Belle Armoire

Eco-friendly bridal jewelry: lightweight statement earrings you will wear again and again

by Tawny Reynolds on Oct 08, 2018

Lightweight statement earrings won't give you a headache - as seen in Belle Armoire

If you're anything like me, most big and bold earrings are not your friend - and not for style reasons. My ears simply can't take the weight all day!

That's why I'm always conscious of weight when I make Sundrop Jewelry earrings. Being made of glass, you might think they would be heavy, but they're not. In fact, most of my earrings are so lightweight you can barely tell you're wearing them - even these statement earrings, featured in last month's Belle Armoire magazine!

Lightweight statement earrings - style with no headaches!

Designed as an eco-friendly bridal jewelry set, these long, flowing statement earrings and matching neck ring were inspired by trailing wisteria flowers. But they would also put the perfect finishing touch on a fancy night out with your special man. Enchanting glass droplets cluster near the top of each earring, trailing down to a dangling tail of glistening silver.

Bridal jewelry or not, this set wasn't designed to be a once-in-a-lifetime adornment! Even after the big day is over, you'll find yourself reaching for them again and again whenever you want to go all-out. And they are definitely lightweight enough to wear all day without giving you a headache - because who needs a headache on the big day?!

Find the Lanata Earrings and Lananta Neck Ring in your favorite colors in my shop!



Big earrings not your thing?  Many of my designs are closer to the "minimalist" end of the spectrum than the "statement" end.  Go take a look!

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