Limited edition greens are on the way for Spring!

by Tawny Reynolds || February 26 2023
Coming soon - limited edition greens are on the way for Spring! 
 Like this striking lime green glass earrings with a streak of dark green with glitter...

Get ready for Spring - with a new limited edition collection!  

A month ago I was trying out some new glass streaky glass teardrops I was trying out a month ago?  Well, in between the off and on rains I got some more time out under my giant magnifying glass, and some of those colors will be landing in my shop in just a few days!

Here's a sneak peek at one of my favorite of the new colors...

New streaky lime green earrings in many designs

The new limited edition Spring Greens will be arriving in my shop on Wednesday, and most designs are extremely limited (ones or twos) - so mark your calendars!

As always, mailing list members get to shop first - so join my list if you love the new colors and want first dibs!

The new green pieces will all arrive Wednesday morning - but quantities are limited, so you'll want to snap up your favorite before someone else does!