These long dangle earrings with a silver spiral are inspiring a whole new collection

These long dangle earrings with a silver spiral are inspiring a whole new collection

by Tawny Reynolds on Jul 05, 2016

Silver spiral earrings and more - Expanding on a Theme by Sundrop Jewelry
Turquoise Gemini Silver Spiral Earrings, the foundation of the Bohemian Collection by Sundrop Jewelry
While I’ve had these long dangle earrings with a silver spiral in my line for years, I haven’t really expanded on the theme - until now.


I love the contrast between the silver spiral wrapping around the glass drops, especially with the darker, vibrant colors.  But besides the elegant look of silver spiraling around the glass drops, I love the freedom of design it gives!  With my usual wire wrapping, I can hang a drop from something else, but there’s no way to connect anything below, continuing the design.


The iconic element of the Bohemian Collection, the silver spiral, allows the drops to be chained together, giving rise to designs that never could have emerged without it.


Here is a sneak peek at a few of the new designs, getting ready for their day in the sun...
I’ll be adding the new, expanded Bohemian Collection of glass and silver spiral earrings, necklaces, and more to my online store next Thursday.  


Currently, these pieces are only available in limited quantities, so if you’re eyeing a particular color - don’t wait!  Mailing list members get to shop ahead of the crowd, so join the wait list to shop first!
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  • Happy DIY
    Aug 21, 2016 at 07:21

    I really like what you are doing! Well done repurposing glass and making something beautiful out of it!


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