Mother-Daughter necklace sets: behind the scenes

Mother-Daughter necklace sets: behind the scenes

by Tawny Reynolds on Apr 11, 2018

Mother-daughter necklace set photoshoot: behind the scenes in Silly Town!

(Or, what happens when I do a photoshoot with my 6 yr old)

Mother-daughter pendant set photoshoot - started off wonderfully...

Not long ago I launched a set of Mother-Daughter Necklaces.  I was in a rush to get everything done before I left on a family trip, so I just took a quick look through all the photos we took, grabbed one, and used it everywhere. 

But now I've had a chance to look at the rest of the photos - and they tell such a fun story of the day!


The selfie photoshoot started off great - we got some really cute pictures together, with both Mother and Daughter necklaces showing and everything!  Then my daughter wanted to be silly.  I figured that I'd probably already gotten the photo I really needed - so we were silly...  

And sillier...  

Playing around with the Mother-Daughter necklace set photoshootA Mother-Daughter Necklace Set photoshoot - getting crazier!

Plus, she wanted to control the photo-clicker!


And then - "Take some of just me, Mommy!" You'd think she was a model with some of these poses!  (And others, not so much...)

You'd think she was a model with some of these poses!
Tough girl!
Shoot for the stars!
Running out of poses... maybe...
Um, what are you doing??
Thriller time - It's a madhouse around here!

...we all fall down!
And we all fall down!
Find your (or your daughter's) favorite color necklace sets in the shop now!  (We're wearing the High Tide set - I'm wearing the Maressa Pendant with an 18" chain, and she's wearing the Demi Pendant on a 14" choker chain.  The choker chain has a 2.5" extender, so it can grow with her!)
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