Orbital Motion Earrings - silver circle and sun-melted glass teardrop earrings by Sundrop Jewelry

Music in my ears

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 11, 2024

Spring is starting here in the Bay Area, which means there are so many beautiful flowering plants around that make lovely backgrounds.  I don't know many of their names, but I appreciate their beauty just the same.  Plus, outdoor, natural light is almost always the best for photographing my glass teardrop jewelry - it really shows the way the light shines through the translucent glass and how the teardrops sparkle!  So, recently I've been grabbing every opportunity to take jewelry photos while I'm walking around the neighborhood - and enjoying the sweet scent of magnolias in bloom!

Small Orbital Motion Earrings - silver circles with pale blue Water teardrops by Sundrop Jewelry

I love the way each individual element of these Small Orbital Motion Earrings swings freely, gently reminding me of their presence.  Lightweight and lighthearted, these overlapping silver circles and delicate drops of sun-melted glass chime gently together as I walk - music of the heavens singing in my ears.

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