Stormy new colors of Sundrop Jewelry are now available

Stormy Weather has arrived! (The new colors, I mean.)

by Tawny Reynolds on Apr 03, 2023

New stormy colors of sun-melted glass jewelry are here!

Stormy Weather has arrived! No, not the actual weather (we’ve already had plenty of that - no more please! Please?). Rather, I mean my newest stormy colors of Sundrop Jewelry have arrived!

Swirling blues and black make these striking new glass earrings absolutely entrancing!

Swirling like stormclouds, the streaks of black and blue in each glass teardrop are striking. Two more watery, stormy colors round out the collection - hop over to my online shop now to see them all!

This collection is currently a limited edition, so there are only a few of each of these pieces. Don’t wait - check out these stormy new colors in my shop now!

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