Support your local gift shops and find Sundrop Jewelry at new retailers coast to coast

Support your Local Gift Shops!

by Tawny Reynolds on Feb 08, 2024

While I'm always happy to have you shop online for Sundrop Jewelry, sometimes it's just easier to commit when you can see what you're getting in person.  To hold the earrings up to your ear and look in a mirror to decide if they're really the right size and color for you.  To feel how lightweight they are and know they won't give you a headache halfway through the day.  To see how the sunlight shines through the colored glass in real life, not in a photo.

That's why I'm always glad to welcome new retailers who decide to carry Sundrop Jewelry!

Sundrop Jewelry about to go in the mail to Noyes Arts Garage at Stockton University

This year I've already welcomed Mischief in Oakland, CA, The Store Next Door in Santa Rosa, CA, the Montclair Art Museum Shop in Montclair, NJ, and the Noyes Art Garage of Stockton University in Atlantic City, NJ.  If you're nearby, be sure to pop in and check them out!

Otherwise, take a look at Sundrop Jewelry's full list of retailers to see if there's a shop in your area!  If not, talk to the owner or manager at your favorite shop and suggest they reach out - I'm always looking to share my elegant, eco-friendly jewelry with more people!

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