Green glass jewelry made from sun-melted glass ginger ale bottles and Coca-Cola bottles by Sundrop Jewelry

These earrings are green in every way!

by Tawny Reynolds on Jun 20, 2023

Moving on from blues and into greens, these two-tone teardrops are made by melting two different colors side-by-side...

High Tide Solaris Earrings

Depending on the angle you're looking from you'll see either the green and turquoise blue separately, or a blending of the two colors! Harking back to my childhood on the sea, I call this color High Tide, and it is consistently in my top five most popular colors. It also just so happens to be the perfect color for the June birthstone, alexandrite!

You can take a peek at all my jewelry designs in this color in my shop now.

If you hop over to my shop, you may notice some differences...  Having just re-done my website, I noticed some photos that really needed updating.  So, I've been spending time re-photographing some of my pieces, like these Duet Earrings I call "Soda Fountain"

"Soda Fountain" Duet Earrings, made from recycled ginger ale and Coca-Cola bottles melted with sunshine

The Kelly Green teardrops are made from Reed's Ginger Beer bottles, and the pale green are from Coca-Cola bottles (and it is SOOO hard to photograph because the Coca-Cola glass is so pale and transparent that its color is really hard to capture)!

As always, the recycled glass is melted with sunshine (with the help of my giant magnifying glass!) and finished with recycled silver - so these green earrings are "green" in every way!


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