What is gold fill and how is it different than solid gold or plated?

What is gold-fill?

by Tawny Reynolds on Aug 23, 2017

Have you seen jewelry listed as gold-fill and wondered what it meant?  Is it actual gold?  Is it just another word for cheap gold plating?  Or is there gold inside something else?

 What is gold fill, and how does it differ from solid gold and gold plated?

So, what is gold-fill anyway?

The term "gold-fill" is a bit of a misnomer.  A thick coating of gold is pressure-bonded to the surface of another, less-expensive, metal.  Unlike the thin layer of gold coating on gold-plated objects however, gold-fill will not flake off or change colors, making it a safe option for those with allergies.  Plus, they'll keep their gold appearance for life, giving the look of solid gold at a lower price.


Many of Sundrop Jewelry's designs can be made to order with gold-fill rather than our standard sterling silver.  Just add the gold-fill upgrade to your cart along with your Solaris or Demi Earrings, or a gold-fill chain with your pendant necklace.  Or, browse the pieces already listed in the shop.


If you're interested in other designs in gold-fill, please contact me - I'd love to work with you on the piece of your dreams!

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