Chicago Woman

by Tawny Reynolds || December 02 2016

Gift Guide 2016: For the Environmentalist


We all have one of her in our group of friends; the person who is sweet and thoughtful, likely a vegan and very conscious about the environment. With her in mind, these gift ideas are sure to please even the biggest environmentalist.

Sundrop Jewelry creates beautiful necklaces and earrings that are handmade and delicate, with colors to flatter every woman. The pieces starts at $40 and each piece is unique and made with sun-melted glass from recycled liquor bottles and stained glass and set in recycled sterling silver. The best part? Their light weight makes them perfect for all-day wear. 

Featured Products: Lyra Earrings in Cobalt, Andromeda Necklace in Garnet, Duet Earrings in Green Tornado, Solandra Earrings in Water, and Solaris Earrings in Aqua Tornado