Pacific Flair

by Tawny Reynolds || October 01 2016

Interview with Tawny Reynolds Designer of Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Ever heard of eco-friendly jewelry? It is jewelry made from recycled materials and a little sunshine. You ask, how is that possible? We will fill you in as we share our interview with Tawny Reynolds who is the owner of Sundrop Jewelry which is located in Berkeley, California. Tawny explains everything from the jewelry making process to her newest collection.

Tell us more about your jewelry line?

“Sundrop Jewelry is vibrant and elegant, with glass earrings, pendant necklaces, and more, all made from sun-melted glass. I take recycled bottles and stained glass, and melt them using sunshine and a giant magnifying glass into flowing droplets. Finished with recycled sterling silver, Sundrop Jewelry is designed for women who love color and the Earth.”