Sundrops Has Hit the Big Time!

by Tawny Reynolds on Dec 13, 2011

Well, I hope so, anyway.

Sundrop jewelry is now available on!

I’m excited to see what happens – I’ve heard different stories. Some sell tons through Amazon, some get 1 or 2 orders per month.

Cobalt 18" Triple Swirl Sundrop Necklace, recycled glass

At this point our jewelry certainly comes up when you do a search for “Sundrop Jewelry,” but is sprinkled around after page 2 for a “sundrop” search – after T-shirts and Sun Drop soda, leg warmers, glucose powder, some books and CDs, etc. You pretty much have to be searching for our jewelry specifically.

More optimistically, we’re on page 2 in a search for “recycled glass” in the Jewelry category, and page 4+ for an overall search of “recycled glass jewelry”. Don’t even ask about browsing the Jewelry category however; there are 106,771 items in Sterling Silver Earrings alone!

Our lower rank under wider searches is mostly because we’re brand new on Amazon – no one’s bought any of our jewelry, let alone clicked on and looked at any of the pages. As we get some eyeballs (and sales) we’ll hopefully move up above the leg warmers and glucose powder at least.

So, help us out!
Go do a search for ‘Sundrop Jewelry’ or browse our selection (it’s pretty big!). Even buy something (gasp!) if you prefer paying through Amazon rather than using the PayPal option on our own webstore.

Remember, orders placed before December 20th should still arrive in time for Christmas!

Thanks everybody!
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