Sundrop Jewelry is back on Etsy

Etsy Re-Boot

by Tawny Reynolds on Mar 03, 2014

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted to this blog! So much has happened – my daughter was born, my husband’s employer closed their doors, and we moved our family from Minneapolis, MN to Berkeley, CA (just in time to escape this crazy winter)!

Sundrop Jewelry on EtsyIn the move, I discovered a whole lot of lovely colors that we are no longer making. The glass was discontinued, our experts in fusing and twisting glass (Hig & Erin) went off and started trekking across Alaska and having kids, the Sundrops or the styles are a little too much trouble to make, etc. So, I decided to re-boot our neglected Etsy store as a forum to sell these awesome last-chance pieces.

While spending so much time working on Etsy this last week, of course I did some browsing too! And I have to say, there is some great, gorgeous, cool stuff out there.

As it is the beginning of March, I made a “Many Shades of Green” treasury, focusing on items that are up-cycled, recycled, eco friendly, natural, or just a lovely color green!

Many shades of green - green in color, eco-friendliness, and more

Come check us all out!
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