All pendants - in all sizes!

All pendants - in all sizes!

by Tawny Reynolds on Sep 06, 2023

My standard pendant chain length is 18 inches, which is fairly... well... standard.  But maybe you're not "standard."  Maybe you're petite, or want to give a dainty Demi Pendant to your tween or teen granddaughter or niece.   Maybe you're tall, or have a larger neck and need a longer chain to hang right (and not feel like you're being choked).  Maybe you want an adjustable pendant to perfectly nestle at the base of your throat.

Lyra Pendant Necklace is available in multiple colors - and now multiple chain lengths!

You're in luck, because every pendant in my online shop is now available with your choice of chain length!  From an adjustable choker up to 24 inches, you can select your perfect length of recycled sterling silver chain.


Need a visual to help you figure out which size will be best for you?  Look below to see the different chain lengths all together on me, a 5'5", 135lb woman.  Hope this helps!

Pendant chain lengths on a 5ft 5in 135lb woman, by Sundrop Jewelry
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