Hello, Hoops!

Hello, Hoops!

by Tawny Reynolds on Nov 16, 2023

It's starting to rain here in California, which means it's time for me to switch modes, from melting glass with sunshine to experimenting with new deigns in my jewelry studio. Aaaand... hello hoops!


New hoop earrings by Sundrop Jewelry, currently only available in three colors


At this point I've only made three pairs of these new hoops - in Cobalt, Water, and High Tide - so don't wait, they might go fast! 

These delicate hoops feature a single teardrop, flanked by tiny silver spirals - just enough to add a finishing touch, but not so much as to detract from the vivid translucence of the elegant teardrop.  Hop over to my website to check out the new hoops now!

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