Sundrop Jewelry online Sample Sale 30-50% off samples and excess inventory

The Sample Sale is On!

by Tawny Reynolds on Nov 09, 2017

The 24-hour sample sale has begun!  If you're anxious to start shopping one-of-a-kind styles, limited edition colors, some designs that never made it into production, and excess inventory, all between 30 and 50% off - click here to shop now!
A few quick notes, just so there's no pushing and shoving...

Quantities of some pieces are very limited.  (We're talking ones or twos.) Unfortunately, this may mean that things disappear from your shopping cart! I apologize for that, but that's the way it sometimes goes with sample sales!

I'll be removing items from the online sample sale page if they're sold out - this way you won't have to wade through stuff that's no longer available.

And of course, the sale ends at 12 Noon Pacific Time on Friday! That means only 24 hours to shop, so you better get started!
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